During this time of Covid-19, hospitals have been forced to restrict the normal flow of visitors to patients rooms.  In most cases the visitation has been halted all-together.  Due to this, the emotional support normally provided by family members and friends is absent.  This makes recovery even more difficult in many cases.  Due to this situation, I was approached by an area hospital to see if I had any IPADS laying around that I wasn’t using anymore.  When I asked why they told me they were trying to get some to allow patients to face-time with their loved ones.  After hearing this great idea I decided to join the effort.  If you have an IPAD that you are no longer using, please consider donating it to this cause.  It will not only make a huge difference in the recovery of a patient, but it will also help families to stay in touch and up to date with their loved ones and their medical conditions.  If you have a donation, please fill out the form below or call me at 662-422-1809 between 9am-5pm Mon. – Fri. and I will contact you regarding pickup of the tablet.  It will then be delivered to an area hospital allowing patients to utilize these services.  I will be making a list on my website of donors that wish to be acknowledged, but you may remain anonymous if you wish.  Thank you for your time and for anything you can do.  If you can, please like and share to allow others access to this opportunity on social media.  Thanks again and may God richly bless each and everyone of you.  Please pray for those who are still being affected by this crisis.
     Jeff McDaniel,
     JM Marketing