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Website Design & Hosting Services

With over 20 years experience in web based services, I can deliver you a website tailored to your needs.  Everything from E-commerce to live chat, streaming video/audio and so much more.  At JM Marketing, I built my own proprietary servers and tuned them specifically for these services.  Let’s face it electronics break, but if you should have a problem, you have an actual person to call.  Unlike google or any of the other big box brand hosting solutions, I give you personalized service day and night to address any issues you may have.  With my flat rate pricing structure, you won’t be hit with those “unforeseen” charges each month that so many companies throw in.  You also will get maintenance of your site as well as search engine optimization, virus protection, url update, security certificate and updates as many times a month as you like to your site’s content.  I could give you a thousand reasons why you should go with my services, but what you need to ask is how happy are you with the ones you have now?  How easily can you have changes made to your existing site?  How long does it take to get those changes online?  If any of these answers is not what it should be, then it’s time to call and find out how you can get the services you need at a reasonable price and get the peace of mind you need to focus on what’s really important.  Your business!

Small Business Email

Let’s face it.  This is a sore subject for most people.  Having an email that reflects your brand and url is hard to do these days with spamming and spoofing problems.  Just to maintain a good standing in the internet community and not get blacklisted is a challenge these days.  That being said, we don’t suffer from those problems.  My small business email servers are secure, responsive and designed for as much or as little email traffic as you can throw at them.  If your company is tired of fighting with large email providers and constantly having to buy more and more space, not to mention adding accounts, then it’s time to call me and let me get you setup with email that just works right out of the box!  The process is simple and it only takes a committment to stop being taken advantage of by big box providers.  Let me help you get the communications you need without all the drama.

Cloud Based Storage Solutions

If you’ve priced extra space on services like dropbox or google lately you know it can really eat into your wallet.  At JM Marketing, I have a different view of it.  Flat rate pricing that allows you a large amount of storage space upfront and no worries about what might happen to that data if there is a sudden disaster.  We offer you a cloud based account with desktop and mobile access so you can backup your computer and your phone or tablet.  Or if you need to send large attachments with your email, just use the convenient link system to send your customers a download link that won’t set off any spam alarms.  Let me offer you an easier and more personal way to store your valuable data.  Call me and let’s get you hooked up!

Indoor Digital Signage

As a business owner you understand the importance of advertising no matter where or what form it takes.  I’m sure you’ve seen digital signage in restaurants for menu’s, in grocery stores for daily specials, in retail stores for the latest products.  The technology behind it is readily available and is not expensive to get, but do you have the time to set it up and then maintain the content?  The good news is you don’t have to.  At JM Marketing you’ll find that you can have the signage solutions you want for your indoor needs at a low cost you can definitely manage.  The best part is not only is it flat rate, you can actually deal with a person and not a call center.  I give all my clients one on one service day and night, week and weekend.  You’re not alone when your working with JM Marketing.  Call me today and let me discuss a better solution for your digital signage needs.

Remote Assistance Systems

Everyone needs help from time to time.  When it comes to computers and software it’s more often than not.  At JM Marketing, clients can benefit from our remote assistance system.  The system allows your IT personnel to remotely manage all your businesses computer systems and provide support for all your employees no matter where they are.  It also allows me to provide all my clients with remote assistance as well.  If you would like to know more then call me and let me take care of your remote assistance needs today.